Quality Materials

The crisp, modern look that characterises every MiniHome is realised through high quality construction using sustainable materials. This reduces maintenance and ensures that you’re buying a house built for future generations. Double-glazing and full insulation are fitted as standard. Solar panels and gas water heating can be added to your home to create an ‘off the grid’ option with very low running costs.

Whichever way you look at it, your investment is safe with MiniHome.

Exteriors are made using colour steel roofing, double-glazed aluminium joinery, cedar ply/plywood panels, with timber decking and sunshades. Interiors are light and airy with a Scandinavian feel created by the timber flooring and walls. An efficient gas cylinder fuels the hot water in the kitchen and bathroom and gas also powers the kitchen hob. All units are finished with high quality cabinetry and fittings in both kitchen and bathroom.

MiniHomes offer you the best of both worlds – sustainable compact living without compromising the comfort of home.